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Digital Marketing Consultant

Meigan Mell
Digital Marketing Consultant

Meigan Mell

I specialize in developing digital marketing strategies that focus on each client's specific business goals. I take a hands on approach to ensure that every dollar spent helps reach that ultimate company goal. By taking the time to make sure channels are properly configured, we can more accurately track how every interaction is helping to drive your business.

I have extensive experience in both local and international brands and have consulted with over 300+ companies (B2B and B2C) in a wide range of industries (eCommerce, Non-Profit, Technology, SaaS, Home Improvement, Professional Services, Education, Hospitality and Real Estate).


In the ever changing digital marketing landscape, it is essential to continually create, execute and analyze your digital marketing strategy to ensure you are reaching your target audience through the correct channels with personalized messaging that is reaching your campaign goals.


Create an effective digital marketing strategy based on campaign goals and expected outcomes. Structure campaigns and analytics to track success based on campaign goals.


Execute digital marketing campaigns across a unique variety of platforms. By taking an integrated approach you can reach users in all steps of their consumer buying journey.


 Analyze campaign performance across all marketing channels on an ongoing basis. Continuously optimize digital marketing strategies to positively affect the ROI of the campaigns. 


Search Engine Marketing

Interact with potential customers while they are actively searching and engaging with brands by serving targeted text ads.

(Google, Bing)

Display Advertising

Stay top of mind by running targeted display ads across a variety of highly targeted websites. Includes Remarketing,

(Google Display Network, Direct)

Video Advertising

Engage in an interactive way by showing compelling video content while users are engaged and watching videos.


Social Advertising

Reach highly targeted audiences with unique messaging to help increase your brands awareness and consideration.

(Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn)

eCommerce Advertising

Develop dynamic marketing campaigns to help promote and remarket specific products to your potential customers.

(Google/Bing Shopping, Facebook, Instagram)

Web Analytics

Ensure success of your digital marketing campaigns by properly tracking and analyzing all web behavior.

(Google Analytics)


MMM DIGITAL has received a professional accreditation from Google in advanced aspects of Google Analytics and Google Ads (Search, Display, Mobile, Video and Shopping). 

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