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Strategic digital marketing consulting for brands that strive to make a positive impact in the world.

Hi! My name is Meigan Mell and I formed MMM DIGITAL in 2016 to provide paid digital marketing for nonprofits as well as brands that have a strong mission. I provide brands with strategy, execution and optimization for all paid digital marketing channels. This includes Search Engine Marketing, Paid Social Marketing, Video Marketing, Display Marketing, eCommerce Marketing as well as Web Analytics. I am based in Marin, in the San Francisco Bay Area and work with clients all over the world.

Certified Digital Marketing Consultant

I start by understanding your goals to create an integrated marketing strategy to reach your target audiences. I ensure that we will reach this audience through the correct channels with personalized messaging every step of the way.

Google Ads Management

 As a certified Google Partner, I am an expert in creating integrated campaigns within Google Ads. This includes:
Search Engine Marketing (Paid Search Ads), Google Display Ads, YouTube Video Ads and Shopping Ads.

Meta Ad (Facebook/ Instagram)

As a certified Meta Business Partner, I can help your brand stand out from the crowd. We can leverage a variety of ad types to help engage your prospective and existing customers.

Additional Digital Marketing Channels

There are endless digital marketing channels that can be leveraged depending on what your business goals are. LinkedIn, TikTok, Hulu, Spotify and Pinterest are just a few of the additional channels that we can use. If your business falls within a niche industry, we can find direct partnerships as well.

MMM Digital has been handling the social media marketing for the Hiller Aviation Museum in Northern California for many years. We get great results and the analytics we receive are very detailed. MMM Digital is very focused on tracking and adjusting campaigns for the best results.

William Turner

VP Communications, Hiller Aviation Museum

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